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Safety Database Consulting


What Pharmaceutical Firms Look For

  • Safety system implementation for processing and reporting expedited reports to Health Authorities

  • A fast and effective implementation with low maintenance

  • Argus Upgrade assistance

  • Vendor Oversight and Maintenance

  • Assist with Safety Migration during acquisitions

  • RFP Process

  • Technology Consulting


How We Can Help

  • Code List Configuration

  • Business Configuration: Products and Licenses, Study and Reporting Rules configuration

  • User Access Management: Argus and LAM user accounts setup

  • System Configuration: Case Priority, Field Validations, Common Profile Switches, Reporting Configuration, Workflow Setup, User-Defined fields

  • Argus Upgrade Impact Assessment on existing data entry conventions and re-defining the new process

  • Argus Upgrade Impact Assessment on the existing custom reports

  • Bridge the gap between Pharmaceutical client and safety vendor, translating the business requirements to technical requirements

  • Handling the System changes as safety owners and ensuring the changes have been made as per the client's SOPs and standards

  • Define Data Transfer Strategy, Business Mapping Requirement authoring and analysis for Safety Migration between source and target systems during Acquisitions

  • Assist with RFP process authoring for implementing new safety systems and Signal Management tools implementation

  • Compare and suggest technologies/vendor and tools selection for client needs - Safety systems, Reporting tools, Signaling Tool

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